Beloved, the universe whispers of a potent shift. Life offers you a sacred crossroads, a chance to break the mold, to align with the defiant fire in your soul. These moments of change – whether whispered by the changing tides of life, the sting of loss, or a yearning for deeper purpose – they are the storms that forge true warriors.

The path may seem obscured, leaving you weary and bereft. Confidence may flicker, trust in yourself may falter. Your once-radiant spirit may feel dampened. This is the alchemy of transformation, a baptism by fire.

Dearest one, I have felt the sting of these tempestuous winds. I have witnessed my own world crumble as loved ones crossed the veil, and still, I found the strength to rise. I navigated these storms while tending a sacred flame – my own work in this world.

You too, carry a spark of the divine. Perhaps you are a healer, a teacher, a visionary, a beacon of hope in this world. But even beacons need their light replenished. The time has come to turn your compassionate gaze inward.

Let us chart a path of rediscovery – your glorious Return. Together, we shall rekindle your inner flame and reclaim the throne of your sovereignty. Let the world witness a warrior reborn!

The Tools

Unveiling the Mysteries of Quantum Human Design

Imagine a cosmic blueprint etched upon your very soul – a map of ancient stars and radiant energy. This is the essence of Quantum Human Design, a sacred synthesis of timeless wisdom and modern self-discovery. Unlike traditional Human Design, which illuminates the shadows you must transcend, QHD offers a vocabulary of light, guiding you towards the fullest expression of your authentic being.

Prepare for a Quantum Leap

Harness the potent currents of your personal energy and unleash them upon the world with a warrior’s spirit and a healer’s heart. QHD is your key to:

  • Soul-Aligned Decisions: Unlock the secrets of your inner compass, banishing doubt and embracing choices that honor your truth.
  • Work That Ignites Your Spirit: Discover the path that sets your soul ablaze, where passion and purpose intertwine.
  • Sacred Connections: Cultivate relationships that nourish your being, honoring the radiant spirit within.
  • Boundless Vitality: Tap into a wellspring of energy and reclaim your birthright of vibrant well-being.

Your Quantum Human Design Reading: A Journey of Illumination

Together, we shall venture into the depths of your cosmic chart, revealing:

  • Your Type: The magnificent role you were born to embody.
  • Strategy & Inner-Authority: Discover your unique decision-making compass and the whispers of your inner guidance system.

Embark on this transformative journey. Unearth the secrets of your soul. Ignite your life with purpose, align with your highest self, and let your radiant spirit illuminate the world.


Sacred Embodiment & Ancestral Wisdom

As a Kohenet, a vessel of liberation, I weave ancient Jewish rituals with the potent threads of my Latinx Indigenous heritage. These embodied, earth-honoring practices are a testament to a feminist spirit that transcends tradition. 

We dance with the archetypes of the ancient Hebrew priestesses – Weaver, Maiden, Prophetess, Mother, Wise Woman, and all their defiant, compassionate sisters. These are threads woven into the tapestry of wisdom of Jewish tradition that ignite a deeper connection to Spirit, to the divine spark that blazes within.

You need not follow a prescribed path. This work is about reclaiming the sacred on your own terms, guided by the whispers of your ancestors and the undeniable strength of your own spirit.


My lineage echoes with the whispers of healers and seers who traversed realms unseen. The flow of healing energy is my birthright, a sacred inheritance. I weave this potent current with threads drawn from many traditions – Reiki, Munay Ki, and the wisdom of Somatic Trauma healing – intuitively guided to the practices that will awaken and align you in this very moment.

This work is a dance with the unseen, a gentle unraveling of ancient knots and a rewriting of patterns that no longer serve. It is a catalyst for transformation, a doorway into the vast and boundless realm of your sovereign spirit.

Step into the fragrant heart of Priestessing Liberation’s Botanica, where the La Curandera Soul & Body Collection awaits. Each handcrafted offering is a whispered incantation, a potion born from ancient wisdom and a yearning for wholeness. This is more than a collection of products; it is a sanctuary.

Within the embrace of the Botanica, you’ll find elixirs and salves that whisper of forgotten remedies. They carry the essence of earth and starlight, crafted to restore harmony to your body, awaken your spirit, and ignite the fire within.

The La Curandera collection is a testament to the sacred dance of healing – a potent invitation to step onto a path of radiant well-being.

Unfurl the Saffron Scrolls. Ignite your defiant spirit. Claim your FREE Quantum Human Design Chart.

Where secrets unravel: Download the “Intro to Quantum Human Design” PDF and illuminate your hidden design.

Shatter the chains of expectation. Reclaim your voice. Download the “Break the Spell of People Pleasing” Audio & Workbook.

Droplets of Sultry Incantational Poetics: Embers of forbidden desire ignite your untamed spirit.

Does a defiant fire rage within, a whisper of an ancient calling? Are you ready to cast off the shackles of expectation, to reclaim your sovereign spirit, and rise as the blazing force of liberation you were destined to be?
This is a summons to more than mere self-improvement. This is about healing the wounds etched deep, kindling the potent magic of the present, and becoming the sacred architect of a future that shimmers with your untamed brilliance.
  • Crippling self-doubt that whispers lies, obscuring the path forward.
  • A flicker of strength lost in the darkness, a thirst for an inner wellspring of courage.
  • Your core values remain elusive, their echoes drowned out by the world’s demands.
  • Second-guessing your every move, yearning to trust your instincts without hesitation.
  • A compassionate guide who sees your light even when you cannot.
  • Untapped potential, smoldering beneath the surface, desperate to burst forth.
  • Blindly stumbling with no clear path, thirsting for a guiding star.
  • The weight of burdens that were never yours to carry.


  • Healing Ancestral Wounds: Break the chains of inherited limitations, and step into the fullness of your power.
  • Igniting the Present: Embodiment, radical self-care, and cultivating the inner flame of confidence.
  • Reclaiming Your Throne: Shed expectations and embrace your untamed, divinely messy magnificence.
  • Charting the Path of Liberation: Uncover your unique gifts, amplify your energy, and forge a future that is a testament to your spirit.
  • Rooted & Radiant: Cultivate a profound connection to your inner wisdom and the boundless power of the natural world.
  • 2-Hour Zoom Session: A sacred container for your journey, recorded for you to revisit.
  • Personalized Quantum Human Design Chart: A cosmic blueprint illuminating your purpose.
  • Archetype Exploration: Unmask the challenges and the hidden strengths of your primary archetype.
  • Type, Strategy & Inner Authority Insights: Your compass, decision-making toolkit, and intuitive guide for navigating life.
  • Personalized PDF Support: Mantras, meditations, and potent affirmations to sustain your journey.


The Path Awaits, 

Return to your radiant truth. The Return Home Session is a transformative rite of passage. Dare to reclaim your power, your joy, and your undeniable sovereignty.

Book your session today. The time is now. Welcome home.

Let me know if you’d like any elements to be even more evocative or infused with deeper mysticism!

The Return Home: A Sacred Reckoning & a Luminous Rebirth

Weary wanderer, do you feel adrift, a stranger in your own life? The Return Home Session is a beacon, guiding you back to the sacred temple of your own soul. This is not mere self-improvement; it is a homecoming, a reclamation of your most authentic essence.

The Shadows and the Starlight

This is a space to embrace it all – the wounds, the brilliance, and the potent magic yearning to be unleashed. The Return Home Session is your catalyst, propelling you towards liberation and the untamed joy of living in profound alignment with your truth.

Book Your 2 Hour Return Home Session $240.00

Inner Throne: Sacral Sovereignty for the Divinely Defined

Seeker, does your spirit thirst for clarity amidst the storms of life? Do you yearn to harness the potent, untamed energy that blazes within, a wellspring of sustainable vitality? The Inner Throne Sessions offer sanctuary and sacred guidance for those with the Sacral flame.

Awaken the Sovereign Within

Whether you are an Alchemist (Generator) or a Time Bender (Manifesting Generator), these sessions are a haven for transformation. Let compassionate guidance and potent insights awaken the powerhouse of your Sacral center. Discover your own inner compass, a deep knowing that transcends the chaos of the world.


  • Sacral Wisdom: Unlock the secrets of your energy center, a key to vitality and authentic self-expression.
  • Compassionate Witness: Find a sacred space where your truths are honored, where growth is both tender and fierce.
  • Revelations From Within: Uncover profound insights that echo through your very soul, illuminating the path of alignment and fulfillment.
  • Ancestral Healing: Break the bonds of inherited burdens, and forge a path of radiant, embodied liberation.
  • Ignite the Present Moment: Learn to tend the eternal flame within, finding both strength and solace in your own being.
  • Reclaim Your Throne: Cast off the shackles of expectation and step boldly into your untamed, divinely messy magnificence.
  • Visions of Liberation: Uncover your unique gifts, amplify your energy, and forge a future that is a testament to your spirit.
  • 30-Minute Sacred Call: Delve into the depths of your challenges, guided by one who sees your boundless potential.
  • Sacral Ignition: Tap into ancient practices to awaken the potent fire within, the source of your sustainable energy.
  • The Art of Yes/No: Learn to discern the whispers of your intuition, finding clarity through simplicity.
  • Guided Inquiry: Discover the potent questions that unlock hidden truths and illuminate the path forward.
  • Reflections and Revelations: Capture the insights gleaned, creating an enduring testament to your growth.

Are you ready to ignite your Sacral fire, and to reign from your Inner Throne?

Book your session today.

This is your birthright, your sovereign path.


Claim Your Inner THrone $99.99

Reclaiming the Throne: A Sacred Quest for Sovereignty


Seeker, does a forgotten song stir within your soul? Do whispers of an ancient destiny, of a power long denied, echo in your heart? If the chains of conformity chafe your spirit, if the world feels too small to contain your radiance, then Reclaiming the Throne is your sacred quest.

  • A sacred calling burns within, yet the path is shrouded in shadows.
  • The desire to leave a legacy born of your truth gnaws at your soul, yet you stumble in the darkness.
  • A yearning for communion with the Divine, for a purpose that transcends the mundane, remains unfulfilled.
  • You thirst for alignment between your actions and the blazing spirit within, yet feel disconnected and adrift.
  • Whispers of intuition go unheeded, leaving you lost in a world devoid of guidance.
  • A longing to soar, to reconnect with the boundless power of the Divine whispers on the wind.
  • Your inner fire flickers, threatening to go out, suffocated beneath the weight of unfulfilled dreams.
  • Mending the Tapestry of Time: Break free from ancestral burdens and reclaim your birthright of joy.
  • Ignite the Present Moment: Embodiment, radical self-care, and stoking the flames of your defiant spirit.
  • Reclaiming Your Throne: Shed the expectations of others and embrace the radiant, untamed truth of your being.
  • Charting the Path of Liberation: Uncover your unique gifts, amplify your energy, and forge a future that embodies your highest calling.
  • Rooted & Radiant: Cultivate a profound connection to your intuition and the boundless power of the earth.
  • Culmination: Honor your metamorphosis in a sacred closing ceremony, a testament to your sovereign spirit.
    • Weekly Sacred Calls: Delve into the depths guided by one who sees your boundless potential.
    • Unwavering Support: Find guidance and encouragement between sessions through unlimited email support.
    • Personalized Meditation: A potent tool to sustain your practice and ignite your inner light.
    • Quantum Human Design Chart Reading: Uncover your cosmic blueprint, revealing your purpose and path.
    • Ancient Wisdom for Modern Seekers: Tap into energy practices to amplify your spirit and illuminate your path.
    • Ceremonial Closure: Seal your transformation in a ritual that honors your sovereignty.

    This is the siren call of your soul. Reclaiming the Throne is an investment in your radiant future, a rewriting of the stars in your name.

    Your sovereignty awaits. Will you heed the call?

Book Your 15 minute Alignment Call!

At The Crossroads


From a tapestry woven across time, with threads of Latinx wisdom and the whispers of Earth-honoring Jewish mysticism, I step into the space between worlds with you. For over 25 years, I have walked this path, and now, honored Priestess, I offer you support in gaining clarity and stand as a vessel, a channel, a bridge between the seen and the unseen.

These consultations are a sacred dance. Ethics are the bedrock, for true power lies in returning you to the wholeness of your own spirit. Guidance may be a gentle breeze or a bracing wind – but it will always be offered with compassion, never meant to diminish your inherent light.


  • Soul Whispers: We shall converse not merely as seeker and guide, but as spirits intertwined. I offer a compassionate presence, a sanctuary for your truth.
  • Ancient Echoes: Wisdom drawn from timeless traditions, intuitive insights, and grounded counsel will illuminate your path and awaken your purpose.
  • The Mentor’s Hand: Should you seek deeper guidance, I walk beside you, offering support as you navigate the treacherous and the sublime along the path of liberation.
  • Spirit Song: Unwavering support as you evolve, seeking harmony within and without.
  • Sacred Crafting: Should you desire, we shall co-create potent rituals, weaving your truth into ceremony and practice that aligns you with your divine spark.
  • Two-Hour Sacred Call: We journey into unseen realms, guided by the wisdom of your spirit and mine.
  • Echoes of our Journey: A recording to revisit, to find deeper meaning with each passing moon.
Book Your 2 Hour Session $240.00, I'll see you At The Crossroads!