About Priestessing Liberation


Welcome to a space dedicated to dismantling constraints and nurturing unapologetic authenticity. At Priestessing Liberation, the vision is a world where individuals boldly reclaim their inherent authority, leading from a place of profound inner strength. The mission is rooted in guiding warriors, prophets, and healers through transformative journeys that empower them to courageously reclaim their sovereignty and innate leadership.


The Vision


Striving for a society free from the confines of imposed norms, where authenticity thrives without apology. The mission is to dismantle societal expectations, offering resources that nurture an unapologetic mindset and liberate from limiting beliefs. Aiming to support the inner warrior, prophet, healer  within each individual, empowering them to architect their path towards personal freedom and profound fulfillment.

Meet Kohenet/Priestess Angelique “YA” Rivera


I am Kohenet/Priestess Angelique “YA” Rivera: a Neurodivergent Jewyorican, Poet, and Advocate for Decolonial Liberation. With 25+ years of experience, I’ve dedicated myself to supporting others in breaking free from oppressive systems through my coaching and consulting business, Priestessing Liberation.


My Journey & Contributions


I’ve collaborated with local organizations, teaching the power of pivoting from traditional paradigms and using poetry as a tool for healing trauma, especially in children and teens. My expertise spans trauma awareness, mental health, and decolonial liberation, fueling a passionate quest to decolonize the practice of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.


Beyond my the work at the center of my being, I cherish being a mama to two powerhouse comrades who keep me grounded. When not challenging the status quo, I indulge in slow mornings with my beloved café or unwind with a cigar at my favorite spot.


Are you ready to join the revolution of personal liberation? Together, let’s unleash your fabulosity and craft a future where you lead authentically, unapologetically, and powerfully.


With love & devotion,

Kohenet/Priestess Angelique

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