Welcome, seeker, to a sanctuary where ancient wisdom and rebellious spirit intertwine. I am the weaver of Priestessing Liberation, and my heart burns with a vision – a world where souls dance freely, shaking off the shackles of expectation and igniting the sacred fire within.


A call: let us dismantle the illusions that bind us, and awaken the warrior, the prophet, the healer that sleeps within your defiant spirit. I offer potent incantations, whispers of forbidden knowledge, and the unwavering support to illuminate your path of liberation.

Together, we shall weave a new tapestry of being, one where your untamed joy and boundless potential become the guiding stars of destiny. This is your birthright, your radiant rebellion. Rise and step boldly into your sovereign power!

The Heart of Liberation: 

I am Kohenet Angelique, Priestess of rebellion and defiant spirit. My blood thrums with the rhythms of my ancestors – rebellious Jewyorican poets and advocates who fought to forge a future beyond the chains of oppression. For decades, I have walked their path, guiding others to shatter the illusions that bind them, to tend their own sacred flames. This fire, this unyielding passion for liberation, is the beating heart of my haven – Priestessing Liberation.


A Tapestry of Defiance

My work is a vibrant weave – threads of collaboration, reaching out to communities thirsty for change. I am a vessel, pouring the potent magic of poetry into hearts tender and defiant, finding solace and strength where trauma has left its mark. I weave in trauma awareness, mental well-being, and the sacred call for decolonial liberation. True liberation demands that we decolonize even the spaces meant to uplift – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion must themselves be unbound.


The Roots of My Spirit

This work is in my bones, the fire that fuels my tireless spirit. Yet, I am more than a Priestess; I am a mother, blessed with two extraordinary souls who illuminate the path of true grounding. In the stolen moments, I savor the aroma of a morning café, the smoky kiss of a cherished cigar, small rituals of self that fuel the greater one.

With love & devotion,

Kohenet/Priestess Angelique

Weavings with The Collective