I will not die an unlived life
I will not live in fear
of falling or catching fire.
I choose to inhabit my days,
to allow my living to open me…

Dawna Markova

I choose you every time

I choose you every time
In the shattering of my heart, in the darkness of the night
Making me soft again
I’ll choose you above all things
I’ll choose you when there is no one left
I choose you in the silver lining, the red circle around the moon
I’ll choose you love
Even when they say, “you are a fool! ”
Pathetic, with my head in the clouds
I’ll choose you again and again
No matter how hard
Through imperfect vehicles
Making it sound like their your deliverables
I know that it is not you
It is the sound of ego
F*cking around
Love, you would never harm what you become
Because love only makes love leaving you breathless in awe
Love always circles back around
No, I will not sell my heart to the highest bidder peddling a love that lacks a center
I will give unconditional love to the flowers that grew inside of me
The children of a love that came from on high through me in human form
No, I choose love
It’s effervescent current
It’s my kink
With a safe word that only
those who have tasted and submitted can speak
It’s a pleasure to be it’s submissive
And love, loves when I’m the dominant one
Declaring that for love
I will go to war
Cut with my sword the tongues
That take and leave in their wake
People who are afraid to be loved unconditionally
Run from anything with a heartbeat
Fearing that love will leave them powerless, penniless and with no shelter in the end
I said, I choose you love
Again and again
You open me up
I’m soft in your hands
I’m the fullest of myself
Protected from being taken advantage
I choose you love
As I come close
The softest kiss
Like holy breath on my skin
Goosebumps reminding me that you have touched me deep within
I will write you a ballad
I will sing the song of love
I will undress before you
Knowing that you love everyone of my scars
You are not afraid that I’ve been broken and sewn together over and over again many life times
The map of my body
Didn’t scare you
You never looked away
Holding my heart in your hand
Now I know what I was afraid to admit
I believe that Love can conquer all things
Never defenseless
Always protected
Covered in joy
You are my rest and I will be your voice

By K”Angelique

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable before Thee, O Shekinah, my Rock, and my Redeemer.

Psalm 19:14


To love you with all that I have

All that I am

Your words given to me on this/that day

Etched into being from the womb came alive

I’ve walked by many ways and you held my hand

When I sat in the place at the edge of the earth

There your wings covered me

And when the generations cried out from my womb

It was your Torah that fed them

A lullaby to sleep

To have known that hope

Was knit into my heart

Activated in my third eye

And like the circulatory system electrified through my veins

Who could take your love from me

No one, not one

If the earth ceased

And the sun rose no more

There in the infinite void you are

To love you with all that I am, all that I have

If I love, if I love

it is because you taught me

If I live a life set ablaze

Every chant

Every holy name

It is because you, you alone are the source of my soul

If I am generous it is because you have been with me

If I am patient

If I am lost

If I am found

If I am kind

If I am

It is because you have been

To whom will I sing praises?

Give such high honor?

To whom?

I have loved you

I have loved

You are the architect of a lifetime

And in you I have always found my being.


By Kohenet Angelique (YA)

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