The Archetype of The Prophet

Oh my holy seer, mystic, and spiritual leader!

You dance with wisdom, insight, and have a deep connection to the mysteries of life and the universe. You serve as a messenger of spirit, inspiring those around you to seek deeper meaning in life. But when your energy is out of balance, you get a little dogmatic or can be “overly” focused on the spiritual realm, neglecting your own need for connection and affirmation.

You can sometimes feel weighed down by the responsibility of sharing your divine inspiration with the world? You can struggle to balance your connection to the spiritual realm with the practical matters of everyday life. Sometimes you feel alone in your journey to fulfill your spiritual purpose. I have stories upon stories of what it is like to move this way in the world, I want to walk with you!

You are not alone. Together, we will gain clarity on the practices that will support you in integrating and grounding your spiritual experiences. We will work on building deeper support systems to hold you and name your dance with the spirit so you can create architecture that keeps the path sustainable. You deserve to be fully seen and feel held as you bring us a werd!

You are a beacon of light, and I am here to help you keep shining.

Here is how my coaching can be life-changing for you:

  • Help you integrate your spiritual experiences and ground them in practical, everyday life.
  • Gain clarity on the practices and support systems that will help you fulfill your spiritual purpose without feeling overwhelmed or alone.
  • I will walk with you and we’ll share portal stories. I want you to feel fully seen and affirmed in your journey.
  • We will name your process and experiences to help you understand yourself better and share your vision of the future with the world.
  • You deserve to geek out on the life and times of Prophets and connect with a community of like-minded individuals.
  • Through our work together, you will feel empowered to embrace your spiritual gifts and serve as a beacon of light for others.

So join me in this journey and let’s create a world where you no longer settle for the lonely path and feel that no one will understand. You got people!